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Django form rendering

Thursday 19 May 2022

From the Django 4.1 release notes:

In order to aid users with screen readers, and other assistive technology, new <div> based form templates are available from this release. These provide more accessible navigation than the older templates, and are able to correctly group related controls, such as radio-lists, into fieldsets.

The new templates are recommended, and will become the default form rendering style when outputting a form, like {{ form }} in a template, from Django 5.0.

This is excellent news. Django form rendering has annoyed me for years because of the (subjectively) old-fashioned HTML tags and structures it uses by default. It’s always been close to “just working”, but simultaneously useless because the output is cumbersome to tweak, meaning I end up using my own templates anyway.

Fingers crossed these changes make it easier to stick to the defaults.

GOV.UK Design System

Saturday 2 April 2022

This blog post from the GOV.UK Design System team has been doing the rounds this week. I’ve been aware of this department of the UK government for a while, but having read through some of their well researched and reasoned recommendations I must say I’m a big fan of their work.

The industry I work in - Australian education - sorely needs to wake up to a lot of this. Unfortunately education providers are required to collect a lot of questionable data for statutory reporting purposes, and often in a very rigid format. It’s a system which was designed about 30 years ago by people who had no idea that not everyone has a name, and not every address has 4 lines and a postcode, to name but a couple of my irritations.

Here are a couple of my favourites from the GOV.UK Design System team.

Gender or sex:

You should only ask users about gender or sex if you genuinely cannot provide your service without this information.

Compare this with the latest requirements from the Australian Government, which doesn’t even provide “declined to answer” or “we don’t ask our students for this data” option.


Overly strict or confusing constraints can make it harder for people to create memorable passwords.


You should only force a password change if you suspect an account may be compromised.


Use single or multiple fields depending on your user’s needs. Not everyone’s name fits the first-name, last-name format. Using multiple name fields mean there’s more risk that a person’s name will not fit the format you’ve chosen and that it is entered incorrectly.

You’d think this would all be common sense, no?

Eight years later

Friday 25 March 2022

Patrick Smith at on MH370:

Consider this: We’ve all watched airplanes high in the sky. A plane flying 12,000 feet above you (that’s the average depth of the Indian Ocean) appears as just the smallest gray speck, its profile visible but indistinct. Now, imagine you’re looking down at that same plane. Except, you’re looking down not through clear sky, but through 12,000 feet of murky seawater. Indeed, for most of that depth you’re staring into aphotic blackness. And the airplane you’re looking for is, in all likelihood, no longer in the shape of an airplane; it’s in thousands of fragments scattered across miles of rugged seabed.

Reading log for 2021

Friday 31 December 2021

Reading log summary for 2021: 30 books completed, down on 39 from 2020. I abandoned an additional four.

4×2-stars, 11×3-stars, and 9×4-stars.

Six 5-stars, but spread across just four books as I read Andy Weir’s “The Martian” and “Project Hail Mary” twice in 2021.


Tuesday 16 November 2021

Well I’ve done it. I’ve converted my personal financial transactions to Beancount plain-text accounting format.

Before I dumped my old MacBook I exported everything from Banktivity to a QIF file. Boy what a pain that file format is to work with. I tried parsing it using Python a few different times, but I eventually resorted to just using Sublime Text and some regular expressions. It’s one of those one-off tasks so there was no point sweating over anything more robust or reusable.

Interestingly, during about my 3rd attempt at scripting the conversion, I installed a trial version of the latest release of Banktivity to see if maybe chucking money at the problem was in fact the best solution. First thing it asked for? The credentials for an online Banktivity account. I couldn’t see any way around the creation of an online account, so that made my easy decision every easier. You blew it, IGG Software.