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The author

You can find my curriculum vitae here. I'm a technical consultant specialising in SITS:Vision implementations in UK, Australian, and New Zealand higher education institutions.

After gaining a BSc in Computing Networking (with distinction) in 2006 I moved from my home-town of Auchterarder, Scotland, to Inverness. Four years later I moved from the UK to Sydney, Australia.

I became an Australian citizen in October 2015 and am based in Melbourne.

The site was created in January 2010, and started life as a place where I could blog about the trauma of packing up and moving to another hemisphere. These days it's just my little online corner where I can complain and post anything that tickles my fancy.

In December 2022 the site was converted from a static Octopress installation to a home-made Django application using a PostgreSQL database. Blog posts are written in Markdown and converted to HTML using Python-Markdown. Code highlighting is provided by Pygments and Bulma lets me gloss over my non-existent design skills.

The base font is Sancoale Slab, licensed to Scott Macpherson by Fontspring under their Webfonts End User License Agreement V2.0.

The whole lot is served from a Digital Ocean server running Debian, via Caddy and Gunicorn.