Since 2010

Powered by Django is now served by my very own Django application 🥳

Since first mentioning it 14 months ago, and posting about it several times since, it turns out I needed to actually sit down for a few hours and build the friggin’ thing. Who knew?!

Still a lot to do - I need to re-upload images for posts that have them. You’ll see there’s no favicon, and page titles are non-existent. I haven’t build my reading log yet, which I’m personally most excited about. And the database isn’t being automatically backed up yet, but that’s no big deal as so far it’s only this post that would be lost in a disaster.

Plus RSS/JSON feeds, maybe a site map, and site search. And the ability for me to create draft posts. And maybe different post “types”, like quick posts that don’t have a title, or image-only posts.

But at least the barrier of deploying this thing is now behind me.