Since 2010


I’m writing this up with the hope that in a couple of months I’ll be able to go back through some of these posts, and chuckle at just how ridiculous I was being about panicking over some of this stuff.

I had another blub today about all the things I’m giving up. I’ve been hitting eBay, and hitting it hard this week, and have managed to sell quite a lot of stuff. I also finalised plans for getting rid of my car: that one feels big. Partly because it’s such an obviously expensive item, but also because having a car in Inverness is the primary way of getting anywhere, so it feels like I’m giving up a huge chunk of my independence.

So anyway, it all built up, and there were tears. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s only stuff, and I can easily get more stuff in Australia if I want it. I’ve also started reminding myself that it’s only important to me here because it’s what keeps me entertained. Will have a whole city to explore for Pete sake!