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Visa application: phase one

Okay, things aren’t as bad as I though they were. My nomination for sponsorship has been lodged, and I completed the first bit of my application tonight. It was all online, and was relatively painless. There were no questions that knocked me for six: just stuff like passport numbers and history of citizenship.

Think I’ve cracked health insurance as well: I need private health insurance until I enrol with Medicare, and I can only enrol with Medicare when I’m in Australia. And I’ve also discovered that if I stick with Medicare, I pay an extra 1% in tax at my level of earning. That’s to encourage me to get my own private insurance.

Next up: sending supporting documentation, which is again all done online. I believe anything I send has to be certified though, and I’ve got no idea how that works. Do I copy said documents, get someone to sign them, then scan the signed copy? Upload a scan of a scan? What’s the point, and how does it prove that the second scan hasn’t been forged?

Watch this space I guess.