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Five sleeps

Flights booked? Check.

Flying from Glasgow to Sydney on Saturday 3rd April. In the air for a total of 21 hours 10 minutes, and on the ground at Dubai for 105 minutes. And we’ll be flying as Sydney enters their summer time, so I have no idea what day it’ll be when we get there…

Hotel booked? Check.

First 2 nights accommodation is booked. Will sort out more once we’re there and we can view places. Hostels are cheap, and we’ve heard good things about them, but will form our own opinions once we can visit them in person.

Travel from Sydney Airport to hotel? Check.

New South Wales’ Transport Info website is excellent, and I must admit I squealed a little when I clicked on a train station in Google Maps and discovered that it too tells you which trains run to which stations, at what times. Amazing!