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Week one

Well it’s Sunday, and that means that I’ve been in Sydney for one week now. You want to know something? I’m having a really hard time warming to this place. It’s hot, and it’s busy, and it’s dirty, and everything comes with a catch.

For example, phone cards for calling the UK are plentiful, but every single one of them requires you pay the cost of a local phone call for the duration of your international call. And just try paying for that phone card, because if you dare to attempt to use a cash machine, it will almost certainly charge you. Want to use your mobile to call someone instead? Go right ahead, but even if they don’t answer or are engaged, you’ll be charged the connection fee.

I’m thoroughly hacked off at having gone from having everything I needed and wanted, with room to spare, to having nothing, and not being able to fathom how this weird country works.