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Tim Tam slam

I had my first Tim Tam slam last night, and man alive it was good! I selected white Tim Tams from the supermarket, for no other reason than I like white chocolate. I have since been told that the double chocolate Tim Tams are better for Tim Tam slams though, as the double layer of chocolate helps maintain the structural integrity.

For those who don’t know what a Tim Tam slam is, it’s a test of endurance, stamina, wit and determination. You effectively use a Tim Tam as a straw. As a Tim Tam is constructed from biscuit and chocolate, sipping a hot mug of tea through one can be a jolly exciting experience, sometimes resulting in a chocolate explosion, and always in a large dollop of soggy biscuit at the bottom of your tea vessel.

Anyway, here we have the white chocolate Tim Tams:

Tim Tam White

Step 1

Carefully nibble the opposing corners of the selected Tim Tam:

Tim Tam with the corners nibbled off

Step 2

Insert one of the nibbled corners into your drink, and prepare to suck through the opposing corner:

Step 3

Keep a steely determination, and maintain structural integrity of the Tim Tam until it will hold no longer: