Since 2010

zerosleeps 2.0

You smell that? That’s the smell of fresh pixels.

For those of you with eagle-like vision, you’ll already have spotted that zerosleeps doesn’t quite look the same as it did a couple of months ago. If I’ve done things right though, it shouldn’t look drastically different.

So what exactly has changed then? Well the site is now running on a completely different publishing platform, which gives me complete control over every aspect of what you see (and what you don’t see). For a geek-cum-web-developer like me, that’s a big advantage. Web standards and accessibility are also important to me, and the last platform hosting zerosleeps just didn’t cut the mustard when it came to that kind of stuff. And there was nothing I could do about it either.

The photo galleries in the old pad were also starting to bug me. It didn’t make much sense given the content of this site to write an article, create a photo gallery, and then link one to the other. Now I can combine photos and articles into one thing.

Comments have been disabled. They just weren’t adding anything to the site, and were actually starting to become a pain to moderate: as with all things online, spam comments were by far outweighing actual reader comments.

Still to do: well as I mentioned I’m much happier with photo galleries now, but I’m still not entirely convinced about having each photo open in it’s own page. It feels a bit cumbersome, and navigating from one photo to the next isn’t as intuitive as I’d like it to be. I’m going to try to implement one of those JavaScript light-box things, where photos pop-up over the top of the current page.

So, here we are. New platform, same(ish) look and feel, 100% HTML and CSS compliant, fully accessible, and sans “.com”. That’s right, it’s just “zerosleeps” now, not “”. I mean, obviously the URL is still, but from this point forward I’m going to refer to this little corner of the intertubes as just zerosleeps.

Welcome. Make yourself at home.