Since 2010

Goodbye Telstra

I’d like to say it’s been fun, but it hasn’t. It’s been miserable. Was it good for you, Telstra? Was it? You took my money month-after-month in exchange for connection to your telephony and Internet services, and I was happy. I never complained. I ensured that the money I owed you was there for the taking.

And then you turned around and shafted me. Your glitzy new website (paid for by some of the aforementioned money, no doubt) began advertising super new plans! Cheap phone calls! Gazillions of Internet! Join now!

So I tried. I rang you up, and told you all about the creaking old bundle I was on, and why I wanted to pay a little bit less for a whole lot more, just like your website told me I could.

But you said I couldn’t. Those plans are only for new customers. You told me you’d be happy to switch my current service over, but that would see the start of a new 24 month contract. That’s TWO YEARS in old money. You didn’t want to know about the thousands of dollars I’ve happily given you over the last couple of years. And you laughed when I pointed out that the feeble download-limit you’ve imposed on me over that time just doesn’t work here in 2012.

What happened to loyalty? What happened to looking after existing customers?

So sod you. I’m off. I’ve had offers from about half-a-dozen other companies. Damned good offers. Don’t even THINK about gripping on to that telephone line I’ve been renting from you for two years: I’ll need that where I’m going. I’m serious. I’ll go postal on your ass. Serves you right for not even trying to hold on to my custom.