Since 2010

Balmain Rentals


Balmain Rentals are a bit of an institution in Sydney. They’re known for miles around for their cheap van hire. Most of them are Toyotas, all of them are white, and all of them look like they’ve had a… colourful existence.

Well last weekend I was helping a friend move a washing machine, so I finally had an excuse to experience the mighty Balmain Rentals for myself, and what a hoot it was!

The van we ended up with had half-a-million kilometers on the clock, and you could see and feel every single one of them! This thing had done the equivalent of driving to the moon and half-way back again, all from just pottering around the shores of Sydney. The steering wheel needed a quarter turn before anything happened, the gear stick felt like it was connected to a bowl of semolina, and the exhaust fumes leaked through one of the many holes in the floor straight into the van.

I haven’t laughed as hard for a very long time! I wouldn’t hesitate to rent a van from these guys in the future.

The washing machine was delivered in one piece by the way.