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New theme

The old theme used here on zerosleeps was getting a bit tired. I was always happy with the customisation I’d applied to the underlying Twenty Ten theme for WordPress, but that was a couple of years ago and things move fast on the Intertubes. For example, the old theme wasn’t responsive in any way, meaning that whether you viewed the site on a desktop browser or a mobile device, you got the same thing. Embarrassing.

So what you’re looking at now is something I worked on last weekend. I figured I might as well go for a style overhaul while I was fixing other problems. I’d love to tell you that what you’re looking at was lovingly hand-crafted by me, but I lack the creative wit: the theme is called Moustachey and it was created by MeanThemes. It solves the responsive layout issue (if you’re using a desktop browser look at one of my recent photo posts and make your window really narrow to see it in action), and adds a few new post layout options which I’ll no doubt be experimenting with over the next couple of posts.