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Another iOS app post, this time about TripView by Grosoft. I use this app at least twice every single day and I’d be completely lost without it. I’ll bet a massive percentage of Sydneysiders have this app installed on their phones.

I bring TripView up because I had a little problem with the app the other day. It was suggesting all sorts of weird and wonderful ways for me to get from station A to station B, but it wasn’t offering up the fastest and most direct route at all. The developer replied within minutes, pushed a timetable update that fixed my problem, and has committed to fixing this in the future.

I love stuff like this - small, nimble developers who provide solutions that do one thing and do it incredibly well. It’s the complete opposite from my 9-to-5 life!

Grosoft offers a free version of TripView, but I encourage everyone who uses it to plonk down (less than) four bucks on the full version if for no reason other than knowing it’s the right thing to do.