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Chrome user switching

We’ve established that my last post had been on my to-do list for a while, but the thing that finally got me to pull my finger out and write it was the desire to remark on this comment on a Google Chrome issue.

The issue in question was regarding the addition of a new thingy to Google Chrome which some people were getting pretty upset about. The details don’t matter (although it was one of the things that made me question my dependence on Chrome), but the comments on the issue quickly descend into dozens and dozens of variations of “Chrome developers suck because they won’t do what I want”.

Now read the last comment by pkasting. I dream of being able to respond to similar conversations I have in my own professional life as calmly and succinctly as this. Emotions have been kept out of the response, each point is addressed, and advice is given to users on how they should proceed with their queries and concerns. Fine work Chromium stranger!

PS Google Chrome has over a billion users?! Wow.