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It often ain't as broke as we think

The iFixit guys can occasionally miss the point, and slam products which are better for not being repairable. That being said, I do enjoy peeking inside stuff that I don’t want to or can’t take apart myself.

Their sister-site,, uses the vacuum cleaner as a nice example of something that should be repairable in this article. Think of all the abuse and crap a vacuum cleaner takes, but how many people spend any time at all maintaining these things or replacing worn-out parts?

My Mum always taught me that it’s better to make do with what we already have than to replace, and my Dad taught me how things work. A good combination when it comes to looking after a house and it’s contents.

I have a similar problem with people who announce that they need a new computer because their current one is running slowly. It’s the same principle as cleaning the filters on your Dyson - if you don’t look after the software on your computer, and you use it to suck up rocks, then things are going to degrade. The hardware in your computer doesn’t get any slower over time, just the demands being placed on it.

My brother and I had this argument the last time he visited. He has a GPS thingy that helps golfers out on the course, and he needed a computer to add some new courses to it. He couldn’t believe his ears when I refused to install the crappy software needed to do the job onto my own computer. The concept of even thinking about this was completely foreign to him - he’s gone his whole life just clicking stuff without any consideration, and is therefore one of my most frequent sources of the “I need a new computer” line!

Maybe you do need to replace that thing that’s not working as smoothly as it used to, but spend a little bit of time learning how it works first. You’ll be amazed how much a few minutes of preventative maintenance can save.