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Advent of Code 2020 day 16

Advent of Code 2020 day 16. What an arse I made of this, but it was incredibly satisfying to complete! I submitted an answer for part two about 5 times before I managed to work out what the heck the question was asking me to multiply together. Just added to the fun of this one though.

Nested loops anyone?

from math import prod
from pathlib import Path
import unittest

def get_raw_input():
    return (Path(__file__).parent/'day_16_input.txt').read_text()

def parse_rule_ranges(raw_range):
    return [[int(n) for n in r.split('-')] for r in raw_range.split(' or ')]

def parse_raw_input(raw_input):
    sections = raw_input.strip().split('\n\n')
    rules = {
        line.strip().split(': ')[0]: parse_rule_ranges(line.strip().split(': ')[1])
        for line
        in sections[0].splitlines()
    my_ticket = [int(e) for e in sections[1].splitlines()[-1].strip().split(',')]
    nearby_tickets = [[int(e) for e in l.strip().split(',')] for l in sections[-1].splitlines()[1:]]
    return rules, my_ticket, nearby_tickets

def check_value_against_rules(rules, value):
    # Returns True if value passes any of the rules
    return any(
                [value >= element[0] and value <= element[1] for element in rule]
            for rule in rules.values()

def part_one(raw_input):
    rules, my_ticket, nearby_tickets = parse_raw_input(raw_input)
    return sum(
            value for ticket in nearby_tickets
            for value in ticket
            if not check_value_against_rules(rules, value)

def part_two(raw_input):
    rules, my_ticket, nearby_tickets = parse_raw_input(raw_input)
    valid_tickets = [
        ticket for ticket in nearby_tickets
        if all([check_value_against_rules(rules, value) for value in ticket])

    field_position_candidates = {
        rule_name: list(range(len(my_ticket)))
        for rule_name in rules.keys()

    for ticket in valid_tickets:
        for i, value in enumerate(ticket):
            for rule_name, rule_definition in rules.items():
                if all([value < element[0] or value > element[1] for element in rule_definition]):
                    # Value at position i is not a candidate for whatever rule we're looking at
                    # Remove i from posible positions for the rule
                    except ValueError:
                        # i presumably already removed by a previous rule

    final_field_positions = {}
    while any([len(candidates) > 1 for candidates in field_position_candidates.values()]):
        for rule_name, candidate_positions in field_position_candidates.items():
            if len(candidate_positions) == 1:
                final_field_positions[rule_name] = candidate_positions[0]
                for remaining_candidate_positions in field_position_candidates.values():
                    if len(remaining_candidate_positions) > 1:
                        except ValueError:

    return prod([
        for field, position
        in final_field_positions.items()
        if field.startswith('departure')]

if __name__ == '__main__':
    print(f'Part one: {part_one(get_raw_input())}')
    print(f'Part two: {part_two(get_raw_input())}')