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Apollo is shutting down

So Reddit has bludgeoned third-party apps to death. Whatever. I gave up Reddit many months ago when I realised I was letting it suck time out of my day without providing any benefit. That’s not why I’m posting this though. I’m posting this to comment on the way Christian Selig - the creator of the extremely popular iOS Reddit client, Apollo - has handled the situation.

I only spent so much time using Reddit because of how great Apollo is (was). I paid for Apollo Pro within minutes of first using the app because it was immediately obvious it had been created with love, by someone who doesn’t tolerate bullshit. That’s my kind of software, and an absolute steal for the price (AUD$7.99 at the time).

Anyway, Selig has been very open about the situation he finds himself in, which brings me to the reason for this post: I aspire to be like this guy. Everything I’ve read that’s been written by him (even before this shitshow) has been thoughtful, professional, succinct, and based on facts. Watch this interview with Selig by Snazzy Labs - he effortlessly comes across as a beautiful, humble human being who just wants to make honest and delightful products.

And I type this after a particularly frustrating week at work, where I can think of at least 3 situations I could/should have handled way better in the moment.

Less emotion, more consideration.