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Reading log for 2023

As is tradition around here, my reading log review for 2023 is in. Continuing the downward trend I completed just 20 books last year, and abandoned an additional 3.

The average rating of the completed books was 3.3 out of 5. I didn’t discover any new 5-stars this year - the 4 books that I gave 5-stars to were all re-reads.

If I exclude re-reads, the average rating drops to 2.8. 3 stars is a “pass” in my rating systems, so 😬

I’m really not good at discovering new authors/genres/whatever, and I’m convinced that’s what puts me off picking up the next book.

Non-fiction scores much higher than fiction, so maybe this year I’ll focus more on non-fiction and see if that helps. Having said that, I fully intend to start the year by re-reading some of my favourites - “The Martian”, “Project Hail Mary”, and maybe “To Obama”.