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HBO's Chernobyl

I’ve just finished rewatching Chernobyl for perhaps the fourth time, and I implore anyone who has not seen it to watch it. I’m not a good storyteller - why use 20 words when 5 will do?! This is perhaps why I admire those who can tell a good story so much, and Craig Mazin who created, wrote, and produced Chernobyl is one of those people.

But what makes it even more amazing is that it’s a real story. I’ve read a few books about the disaster, and listened to Mazin speak about the production of the miniseries on the accompanying podcast and I’m satisfied that, with a few embellishments obviously, the timeline, characters, visuals, and plot are all astonishingly accurate.

I don’t mean the correctness is astonishing (although it is): the story itself is. Every few moments something happens in the show that seems ridiculous, but almost every time it turns out that nope, that person actually said that thing. They did that thing. That is what happened.

I can’t recommend it, and the podcast, enough.