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Visual Studio Code

With all my posts about Windows back earlier in the year, let it be said that Microsoft really appears to be chucking resources at developer productivity and happiness. I’ve completely switched from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code myself, which has just received a big update and prompted this post: check out the release notes!

In contrast, iOS 13.2.2 was released today:

iOS 13.2.2 includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone

I’m slowly running out of reasons to champion Apple…

DHH tries Windows

David Heinemeier Hansson thought he’d give Windows a go:

What this experiment taught me, though, was just how much I actually like OSX. How much satisfaction I derive from its font rendering. How lovely my code looks in TextMate 2. How easy it is to live that *nix developer life, while still using a computer where everything (well, except that fucking keyboard!) mostly just works.


Malformed request

This happens to me almost every single day when logging in to Confluence using a Google account:


“Oops” no, I didn’t make a malformed request. You did. Don’t blame me for your own bug. What an obnoxious, aggressive message to display to a user.