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Friday 16 May 2014

Another iOS app post, this time about TripView by Grosoft. I use this app at least twice every single day and I’d be completely lost without it. I’ll bet a massive percentage of Sydneysiders have this app installed on their phones.

I bring TripView up because I had a little problem with the app the other day. It was suggesting all sorts of weird and wonderful ways for me to get from station A to station B, but it wasn’t offering up the fastest and most direct route at all. The developer replied within minutes, pushed a timetable update that fixed my problem, and has committed to fixing this in the future.

I love stuff like this - small, nimble developers who provide solutions that do one thing and do it incredibly well. It’s the complete opposite from my 9-to-5 life!

Grosoft offers a free version of TripView, but I encourage everyone who uses it to plonk down (less than) four bucks on the full version if for no reason other than knowing it’s the right thing to do.

Pocket Casts

Saturday 10 May 2014

The opening paragraph from the release notes for the latest version of Pocket Casts:

Do you ever feel like sometimes you need to take some time out, and just work on yourself? Not going shopping for new clothes, or getting a new haircut, but just getting more into shape and altering a few things? No? Well neither do we…why are we even talking about this?

I use Pocket Casts and Australian-based Shifty Jelly’s other iOS app, Pocket Weather AU, every single day. They sound like a fun bunch of people!

Baby formula is limited?

Saturday 12 April 2014

A sign stuck to the self-servce checkouts in Woolworths:

Baby Formula limit of (4) per customer

Is there a shortage? Can you get high from baby formula? Ideas on a postcard folks.

Fairy bread

Saturday 5 April 2014

So this is a thing in Australia. The label on this tub of hundreds-and-thousands reads:

For the perfect fairy bread sprinkle 100’s & 1000’s heavily over buttered bread and cut into quarters.

Every Australian I’ve asked about this has told fond stories of how they were allowed fairy bread on their birthdays when they were kids. And apparently the bread has to be cut into quarters, and it has to be cut diagonally.