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Advent of Code 2022: I think I'm done

I think I’m done with Advent of Code for the year. I enjoyed the first couple of weeks: the problems were all distinct from each other and had well defined solutions so - for my taste/abilities - were largely about crafting pleasant code that is totally different to the kind of stuff I work on 09:00–17:00.

I could solve these puzzles in less than an hour, too. Perfect little brain-tickers.

But days 15 (for which I have a solution that works for the example but not my actual input), 16, and 17 are all way too computer science/mathematics for me. Pattern matching and algorithms and path-finding - they’re just not my thing.

And that’s okay! Of course I could teach myself the tools and tricks Advent of Code is so great at hinting at, I just don’t want to! I’ve got enough life experience and introspection to know what I enjoy and what I don’t enjoy. This is something I chose to do in my spare time, it stopped making me happy, and it wasn’t helping me to improve the personal traits I care about.

Let it be said, whatever your reasons for partaking, Advent of Code is magnificently well done. The guy behind it is a legend.

Now… I should probably set aside an hour each day for “Advent of fixing my damned website” 😬