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Site rebuild update

A little update on my rebuild of

  • Post migration was sorted a while ago. Python-Markdown is super easy to work with
  • Code blocks are handled by the migration as well. Pygments is also a delight to work with.
  • My migration script also takes care of Jekyll image tags, converting them to plain Markdown image tags.
    • The image files themselves are going to be trickier because the current site uses a mishmash of image sizes and thumbnails. I’ve got things working for the happy-path, and will probably just have to manually update the markdown for anything else.
    • Not sure how I’m going to model post images in Django either. Should I bother with a model for them? I suppose so, or I won’t be able to leverage Django’s tools for uploading files. But do they belong to a post, or are they their own thing?
  • Post URLs… I said I wanted to change the structure of post URLs, but that I also want to keep the existing structure for compatibility. Well if I’m going to do the latter why bother with the former?
    • I didn’t think about post slugs though, which are just URL-safe copies of the post title. I have toyed with creating a custom Transform in Django to avoid storing post title and slug, but safer (and more flexible) to just add a slug field to my Post model.
  • “Static” pages, i.e. CV and About took 30 seconds each - they’re both just using TemplateView.

Oh and I’m using Bulma for the whole lot - I am not a designer!

Once I get post URLs sorted I reckon I’ll “go live” as they say in the business. If I don’t then I’ll never deploy the thing. Everything else can follow later: search, tags and categories (maybe?), visitor statistics, JSON and XML feeds, maybe a sitemap. There’s more to a stupid blog than you’d think.