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Buying a font

So now that version… 5…? of has been up-and-running for a while I’ve started thinking about changes and improvements, and one of the things near the top of that list is the typeface. Right now, all text is as per a default Bulma setup: sans-serif and web-safe. It’s all very comfortable but boring.

I’ve always enjoyed the font used on Bunder’s website which is apparently called “Sancoale Slab Norm Regular”. Shoving that search term into DuckDuckGo results in page after page of results for sites with names like “”. I wanna know who created this font and buy it from them, dammit.

Some more searching indicates that the Sancoale family of fonts was created by a company called Insigne and sure enough, in amongst the list of hundreds of things created by this company is Sancoale Slab. The product page has a lot of text (not rendered in the font I want to buy) and a few images showing samples, but no indication on how I can give these people my money.

Oh no! Wait! Right at the bottom of the product page there’s a sentence which reads “80% off for a limited time!” but it doesn’t look like a link… no! Wait again! It is a link! And it goes to a site called “” 🙄

Well I guess this is the “official” way of buying this font, and does list prices so I’m getting somewhere. “From” $45.66 (presumably USD). Let’s click on “Buying Choices”. I won’t be using this for desktop publishing or in a mobile app, so I guess I want the “Webfonts” option… wait “10,000 pageviews per month”? “Licence: Annual”.

A bit more digging indicates that I won’t be able to host the font myself - I’ll have to use a “webfont kit”, and “every time the webpage using the webfont kit is loaded … the counting system counts a single pageview for each webfont within the webfont kit”.

Sod that.

One of the other sites that keeps coming up in search results is Fontspring and apparently I can give them $32 (USD?) for a “Worry-Free” licence:

All of Fontspring licenses are perpetual, which means you pay once and use it forever. Fontspring does not require you to install any cumbersome pageview tracking scripts. We trust you.

That sounds way better. But doesn’t the publisher (“foundry”) of the font set the terms? I dunno how this stuff works.

I hate wanting to give someone my money, and not being given an easy way of doing that.