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Tuesday 17 October 2017

Jerry Hildenbrand at iMore:

Some companies who make routers are much like some companies who make Android phones: any desire to support the product stops when your money reaches their bank.


Friday 11 August 2017

I’ve just setup HTTPS and HTTP/2 for, thanks to Let’s Encrypt. Apart from the familiar padlock somewhere in your browser’s interface, nobody should notice any difference - any requests for and should be redirected to

I’ve been using Let’s Encrypt on some of my less-public servers pretty much since day 1 of their beta program, and it’s a game-changing service. Their toolchain is top-notch as well, and strikes a great balance between preserving existing configuration, and making it easy to see what is modified.

They’ve got some good stuff in the pipeline as well - wildcard certificates will be an awesome addition.

Slow down

Thursday 10 August 2017

This is a gut-wrenching 60 seconds.

That link is to Transport for NSW’s version of a for-TV commercial which was originally created a few years ago for New Zealand television.

The Kiwi version runs for about half-a-second longer than this version does, but I prefer NSW’s cut. I think it hits harder. Removing the last few frames reinforces the concept of immediately knowing the outcome of a mistake, without having to wait for physics to do it’s thing.