Since 2010

Our obsession with stuff

One surprising, but very enlightening and refreshing lesson I’ve learnt from this move to Australia is that I now realise just how much unnecessary stuff I have. I always thought I was quite good at not holding onto things that I don’t need/don’t work, and I stand by that. But then I came to my CD and DVD collection. Why, in 2010, do I still have all those CDs and DVDs on display, taking up a vast amount of room??

Now keeping old CDs is fine with me. Even though they’re all in my iTunes library, and properly backed up, legally I still need to keep the CDs. Otherwise, in the eyes of the law, I won’t own the music and that’s the sort of thing that keeps me awake at night.

DVDs however. What is this obsession we all have with buying DVDs? You buy them, at great expense, watch them once, then put them on a shelf and never go near them ever again. I am disgusted at how much money I have wasted doing just this. From now on I will definitely be renting DVDs: pay a relatively tiny amount of money, watch the film, and hand it back so someone else can enjoy it.

So, my CD collection has been preened and put into storage: it’s all about buying music online for me now. My DVDs are, with a few exceptions, being punted out to whoever will have them, before hoisting the rest onto a steaming pile of landfill.