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Something went wrong

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Another grumble about Atlassian’s Confluence. This time it’s the result of trying to view a page that requires authentication when you’re not already logged in to Confluence. Look at the state of this:

Confluence obviously knows I’m not logged in, and it definitely knows the page is restricted - it says so right there on the right. So what’s with all the angry messages and red warning icons?

If you hit the little login icon at the bottom left (yep, that’s how you get to a login page from here) and sign in, the bloody thing does take you to the right page as well! It knows what I wanted all along, just forced this this hostile page on you first.

Your communication preferences

Friday 14 February 2020

An email I recieved from eBay today:

We have an important policy message for you. However, your communication preferences are set up to accept text-only emails, so we couldn’t send it to this email address.

So… a message saying I have a message.

It then attempts to bully me into updating my communication preferences, and tells me I’ll have to go hunting around My eBay for the actual message they’re trying to send me.

Sit up and listen: email is plain text. HTML email has never been turned into a proper standard, and the current hacky implemetations all suck. Plus security, masked links, tracking images etc. etc. Start with a plain text email - which renders perfectly in every client every time - and then add an HTML MIME part if needed. And don’t make users choose which type they want to recieve - including multiple MIME types in one email is a standard.

The inclusion of HTML entity “’” in an intentionally plain text email complaining about plain text emails is particularly funny though, I’ll give them that.