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DHH tries Windows

Tuesday 5 November 2019

David Heinemeier Hansson thought he’d give Windows a go:

What this experiment taught me, though, was just how much I actually like OSX. How much satisfaction I derive from its font rendering. How lovely my code looks in TextMate 2. How easy it is to live that *nix developer life, while still using a computer where everything (well, except that fucking keyboard!) mostly just works.


Malformed request

Tuesday 15 October 2019

This happens to me almost every single day when logging in to Confluence using a Google account:

“Oops” no, I didn’t make a malformed request. You did. Don’t blame me for your own bug. What an obnoxious, aggressive message to display to a user.

Bad day for Mozilla

Saturday 4 May 2019

All Firefox addons are currently disabled for all users globally because of an expired certificate somewhere in the chain. Oops.

This is an awkward day for anyone who has ever convinced a less privacy-savvy friend to switch to Firefox from a browser that was probably working perfectly well for them in the first place.

User notatoad on Hacker News sums up my thoughts nicely:

there’s plenty of reasons to be “with” firefox still, but you shouldn’t need reasons other than it’s the best browser. when it starts requiring loyalty to be a user, that’s a big problem.